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Just down the street....

A curated selection of gifts and fabulous items from across Canada!  From BC to Newfoundland and lots right here in Grey & Bruce Counties.

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Clothes to live in

This collection is for real woman leading real lives. It’s a way to look modern, but in your own way, reflecting your own sense of style and self. 

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Designs inspired by women

With its head office located in the beautiful city of Montreal, Charlie B caters to a fast growing list of customers throughout North America. With designs inspired by women, made for women, the Charlie B brand is devoted to offering great quality garments at a competitive price.


C'est Moi Bamboo

The super soft and naturally breathable, eco-friendly bamboo seamless collection is a stable for every wardrobe!


Selling fashion since 1969

Tribal's mission is to deliver on-trend collections that make you look and feel your best, for enjoying life’s adventures in comfort and style.


It's time to get fresh

Fresh FX combines of-the-moment styling with a superb fit for the contemporary woman.

Women with a forever young attitude love the Fresh FX innovative and timeless designs that continue to look stylish season after season.


It all started with an idea

Our story starts in 2006, when our founder asked: why can’t men’s underwear be better?  The answer was SAXX.  Thanks in large part to the patented BallPark Pouch™ – our defining piece of internal tech – men now know that underwear isn’t just an afterthought. It’s the foundation of a comfortable and distraction-free day.

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True Outdoor Wear

New to Josie's

KAVU is a philosophy, a perspective, and a way of life that revolves around doing what you love in nature’s playgrounds.

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At FIG, travel is a way of life.

FIG offers the ultimate solution for active and modern women travellers seeking elegant, comfortable and ethical clothing.


Boho Chic

Our mission is to empower every woman with a sustainable yet fashionable option for a busy lifestyle. With Pink Martini, comfort and style are not interchangeable but synonymous. We want to create a culture of warmth and inclusivity, honoring diversity, empowerment and a sustainable outlook on life.


Designed in Canada

TAXI is a well-established and recognized footwear brand developed by an in-house design team based in Toronto, Canada. Increasingly recognized as one of the hottest Canadian footwear brands, TAXI offers a unique selection of trendy and high quality footwear at reasonable prices.


Quality since 1880

Since 1880, that’s almost 140 years, FRAAS has been manufacturing scarves. Just imagine the treasure trove of know-how, creativity and passion that has been accumulated in all that time!


Live in the sunshine

Specializing in cozy wear!


Don't forget Symon Says

Made in Canada items

574 Berford Street 

I love all the helpful staff and Josie of course.  They help find things to suit you and have a awesome variety. It’s my favourite store. 

Jennifer Weatherhead

Love the small town clothing store!  Never never have a come out of the store without something I’ve bought for me or a gift. The clothes for my man are beautiful. The SAXX underwear is the best!  To top it off the staff always put a smile on my face. Thank you. 

Kym Burt

Josie's is the best. Her staff are the best.  They are there to help you choose what truly looks good. 

Britt White